About The Naked Deli

Here at The Naked Deli we are very mindful of the food’s pathway between its origin and to your plate, by that we mean we only ever use whole and natural state foods.

You won’t find anything processed on our menu, everything we serve is freshly prepared in our deli. No hidden sugars, ‘E’ numbers, hormones or chemicals that you couldn’t pronounce, never mind eat.


We only ever use grass-fed meats, free range chicken, responsibly sourced fish and organic eggs and dairy, along side these we only ever cook using organic coconut oil because of its endless health benefits.

We never cut corners: sauce

We are proud of the lengths we go to to make sure all of our food is clean, healthy and nutritious. This means we make all of our sauces in-house such as our ‘Tomato Fig Ketchup’: made using fresh tomatoes and figs along with a few other natural ingredients and then cooked for three hours.

We never cut corners: granola

No hidden sugars or nasty chemicals. Made in-house using organic super seeds (flax/chia/pumpkin/lin/quinoa) to name a few. Used as a topper for our delicious breakfast menu.