We are excited to announce that we are now visiting schools through out the north east to help promote healthy clean eating! We really enjoyed getting the kids involved with all things ‘Green’ including broccoli, spinach and fresh fruit smoothies!! The idea behind this is all about making better choices and to show the children that you can in fact enjoy a refreshing tasty smoothie that isn’t loaded with refined sugars, E-numbers and chemicals that will in fact provide the children with a short burst of energy quickly followed by a slump of low energy leading to lack of concentration and feeling sluggish.

By making better choices such as a home-made green smoothie this will provided the children with quite the opposite. Packed with vitamins and minerals green smoothies will provide a lasting source of energy and because of their high veggie content they are naturally lower in sugar. This will help them focus, feel more energised and generally help towards there overall wellbeing. HereĀ areĀ some photos from our recent visit to Sacred Heart Primary School, it was such a pleasure seeing the kids enjoy their Green Smoothies!!