Served until 11.30am only.

Acai bowls

This amazing super berry is packed with antioxidants and anti-ageing properties, among just a few of its many benefits.

Choose topping:

  • Blueberries, strawberries, coconut, chia seeds, and superfood granola
    Pro 5.6g. Fat 3.7g. Carb 43g. Cal 242kl.
  • Passion fruit, banana, coconut, chia seeds, and superfood granola
    Pro 5.6g. Fat 3.8g. Carb 45g. Cal 254kl.
Breakfast favourites

£10Naked meat breakfast
Grilled bacon, poached eggs, sweet potato hash browns, lorne GF sausage, *Ezekiel toast, Naked beans, spinach, and mushroom.
Pro 51.4g. Fat 32g. Carb 46.5g. Cal 674kl. GF DF

£10Naked veggie breakfast
Sweet potato hash brown, poached eggs, sausage, tomatoes, Naked beans, *Ezekiel toast, spinach, and mushrooms.
Pro 26.2g. Fat 19g. Carb 55.7g. Cal 504kl. GF DF V

£10Healthy vegan breakfast
Grilled bacon, poached eggs, sweet potato hash browns, lorne GF sausage, *Ezekiel toast, Naked beans, spinach, and mushroom.
Pro 26g. Fat 18.7g. Carb 54g. Cal 484kl. GF DF #NEW

£6Breakfast BLT salad
with bacon, mixed leaf, spinach, avocado, poached egg, cherry tomatoes, pomegranate, and acai balsamic dressing.
Pro 14.6g. Fat 17.5g. Carb 11.2g. Cal 254kl. GF DF #NEW

£5Superfood granola
with passion fruit and coconut protein yogurt.
Pro 12.1g. Fat 33g. Carb 11.4g. Cal 375kl. GF #NEW

£7Gluten free lorne sausage
with poached eggs and spinach.
Pro 36g. Fat 14.7g. Carb 8.8g. Cal 296kl. GF DF

£10Chargrilled grass-fed rump steak
Crispy chilli kale and organic poached egg.
Pro 41.9g. Fat 20.8g. Carb 10.5g. Cal 413kl. GF DF

£7Fresh smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, and avocado
Contains almond milk.
Pro 30.6g. Fat 25.7g. Carb 12.2g. Cal 392kl. GF DF

£5Strawberry and coconut bread
Coconut yogurt, fresh strawberries, and coconut sugar.
Pro 10.4g. Fat 16.2g. Carb 42g. Cal 386kl. GF #NEW

£6Sweet potato and blueberry breakfast salad
with cranberries and almond butter protein dressing.
Pro 17.5g. Fat 10.2g. Carb 14.9g. Cal 226kl. GF #NEW

On the go?

All of our breakfast options are available to take away.


All made with gluten-free jumbo oats.

£5Maple pecan porridge
Made with almond milk and topped with fresh blueberries.
Pro 13.4g. Fat 12.6g. Carb 63.4g. Cal 420. GF

£5Stewed berries and crushed pistachio porridge
Made with almond milk.
Pro 11.9g. Fat 5g. Carb 66g. Cal 376. GF

£5Creamy coconut porridge
Topped with pomegranate and pumpkin seeds, made with coconut milk.
Pro 11.2g. Fat 5.6g. Carb 62g. Cal 380. GF

Avocado toast

£6Smashed avocado and organic poached eggs on toasted *Ezekiel
*Gluten-free bread available. DF V

£2Add smoked salmon
£2Add grilled bacon
£2Add grilled halloumi

Herby mushrooms

£6Herby mushrooms and poached eggs on toasted *Ezekiel
*Gluten-free toast available. Pro 11.6g. Fat 11.5g. Carb 34g. Cal 289. DF V

£2Add grilled bacon
£2Add grilled halloumi

Protein toast

£7*Ezekiel protein french toast

Choose a topping:

Maple stewed berries and coconut sugar.
Pro 32.7g. Fat 10.7g. Carb 49.2g. Cal 454kl.
Grilled bacon and raw maple.
Pro 34.1g. Fat 12.3g. Carb 48.3g. Cal 472kl.

£7Vegan protein french toast
With maple stewed berries and coconut sugar.
Pro 36.3g. Fat 5.6g. Carb 52.4. Cal 436kl. #NEW

Organic omelettes

£8 eachOrganic 4 egg omelettes made with almond milk
Pro 22.1g. Fat 16.7g. Carb 1.3g. Cal 252kl. GF DF V

Choose any 3:

  • Feta Pro 5.7g. Fat 8.5g. Carb 1.6g. Cal 106kl.
  • Spinach and kale Pro 1.4g. Fat 0.2g. Carb 1.8g. Cal 14kl.
  • Organic bacon Pro 9g. Fat 4.5g. Cal 75kl.
  • Mushroom Pro 1.5g. Fat 0.2g. Carb 1.6g. Cal 11kl.
  • Fresh chilli Pro 0.4g. Fat 0.1g. Carb 2.2g. Cal 9kl.
  • Baked salmon Pro 9g. Fat 3.5g. Carb 2.8g. Cal 77kl.
  • Caramelised onion Pro 0.5g. Fat 0.1g. Carb 5.1g. Cal 21kl.
  • Chargrilled chicken Pro 11.5g. Fat 0.6g. Cal 55kl.
Protein bancakes

£6 eachOur mixture is simple banana, egg, and whey
Pro 35.5g. Fat 11.4g. Carb 29.9g. Cal 351kl. GF V

Choose any 2 toppings:

  • Naked chocolate sauce Fat 8g. Cal 69kl.
  • Fresh berries Pro 0.2g. Fat 10.1g. Carb 43g. Cal 17kl.
  • Banana Pro 1.3g. Fat 0.4g. Carb 27g. Cal 105kl.
  • Raw organic maple Fat 0.1g. Carb 20.1g. Cal 78kl.
  • Organic bacon Pro 9g. Fat 4.5g. Cal 75kl.
  • Nut butter Pro 5g. Fat 10.1g. Carb 3.9g. Cal 117kl.
Sweet potato hash

£6Sweet potato hash and poached egg
Pro 8.3g. Fat 4.2g. Carb 36.5g. Cal 218kl. GF DF V

Add topping for £2:

  • Grilled bacon
  • Square lorne sausage
  • Steamed greens, kale, and broccoli
Nutrition key

All items on this menu are gluten-free with the exception of our rye bun and *Ezekiel toast. Ezekiel toast can be changed to gluten-free toast on any item.

Dished marked with are vegan friendly.

  • GF – gluten free
  • DF – dairy free
  • V – vegetarian
  • *Ezekiel toast. This can be changed to gluten free toast on any item

All of our dishes may contain nuts and other allergens. Please ask a member of staff, they will be happy to help.