Served until 11.30am only.

All Items On This Menu Are Gluten Free With The Exception Of Our Rye Bun And Ezekiel Toast. Ezekiel Toast Can Be Changed To Gluten Free Toast On Any Item.

Protein Bancake

Only 3 ingredients, Banana, Egg & Whey Protein. Served all day.

Choose any 2 toppings. All protein bancakes are £6.

Clean Chocolate sauce
(DF, GF, V) Fat 8g. Cal 69.

Stewed Berries
(DF, GF, V) Pro 0.2g. Fat 10.1g. Carb 43g. Cal 17.

(DF, GF, V) Pro 1.3g. Fat 0.4g. Carb 27g. Cal 105.

(GF, V) Pro 35.5g. Fat 11.4g. Carb 29.9g. Cal 351.

Maple syrup
(DF, GF, V) Fat 0.1g. Carb 20.1g. Cal 78.

(DF, GF, V) Pro 5g. Fat 10.1g. Carb 3.9g. Cal 117.

Grilled Bacon
(DF, GF) Pro 9g. Fat 4.5g. Cal 75.


Made with 4 organic eggs & served with any 3x toppings from below.

(DF, GF, V) Pro 22.1g. Fat 16.7g. Carb 1.3g. Cal 252.

£8Chargrilled Chicken
(DF, GF) Pro 11.5g. Fat 0.6g. Cal 55.

(DF, GF) Pro 9g. Fat 4.5g. Cal 75.

£8Spinach & Kale
(DF, GF, V) Pro 1.4g. Fat 0.2g. Carb 1.8g. Cal 12.

£8Smoked Salmon
(DF, GF) Pro 9.1g. Fat 3.5g. Carb 2.8g. Cal 77.

(GF, V) Pro 7.1g. Fat 10.6g. Carb 2g. Cal 132.

£8Caramelised Onion
(DF, GF, V) Pro 0.5g. Fat 0.1g. Carb 5.1g. Cal 21.

£8Fresh Chilli
(DF, GF, V) Pro 0.4g. Fat 0.1g. Carb 1.8g. Cal 8.

(DF, GF, V) Pro 1.5g. Fat 0.2g. Carb 1.6g. Cal 11.

On the go?

All of our breakfast options are available to take away.

Sweet Potato Hash & Poached Egg

£6Sweet Potato Hash & Poached Egg
(DF, GF, V) Pro 8.3g. Fat 4.2g. Carb 36.5g. Cal 218.

Add any of the toppings below for an extra £2 each.

Grilled Bacon
(DF, GF) Pro 23g. Fat 14.4g. Carb 36.5g. Cal 368.

Square Lorne Sausage
(DF, GF) Pro 20.3g. Fat 7.4g. Carb 40.5g. Cal 298.

Steamed Greens, Kale & Broccoli
(DF, GF, V) Pro 10.8g. Fat 4.6g. Carb 42.5g. Cal 249.

Smoothie Bowls

All topped with our signature superfood granola (chia, quinoa, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, gf oats, sunflower seeds & almonds).

£6Amazing Acai
GF oats, Acai, coconut milk, banana strawberries, & blueberries.
(DF, GF, VG) Pro 5.6g. Fat 3.7g. Carb 43.4g. Cal 242.

£6Metabolism Boosting Matcha
Coconut milk, banana, matcha & passion fruit
(DF, GF, VG) Pro 1.9g. Fat 4.6g. Carb 42.6g. Cal 362.

£6Cacao & Nut Butter Protein Hit
Nut butter, banana almond milk, raw cacao whey protein
(GF, V) Pro 29.2g. Fat 12.1g. Carb 32.8g. Cal 345.

Add 23g scoop of whey protein to any smoothie bowls for 50p.


Made With GF Oats And Almond Milk. Choose from one of the toppings below.

£5Banana Cinnamon & Maple
(DF, GF, VG) Pro 12.6g. Fat 5.2g. Carb 74.4. Cal 420.

£5Toasted Pecans & Blueberries
(DF, GF, VG) Pro 13.4g. Fat 12.6g. Carb 63.4. Cal 423.

£5Stewed Berries & Coconut
(DF, GF, VG) Pro 11.9g. Fat 5g. Carb 66.3. Cal 376.

£5Snickers Porridge
(DF, GF, VG) Pro 15.1g. Fat 8.2g. Carb 76g. Cal 474.


£10Naked Meat Breakfast
Grilled bacon, poached eggs, sweet potato hash brown, Lorne square sausage, clean beans, mushrooms, spinach & Ezekiel toast.
(DF, GF*) Pro 51.4g. Fat 32g. Carb 46.5. Cal 674.
*All items are gluten free except bread. GF toast is available.

£8Naked Veggie Breakfast
Sweet Potato hash brown, poached eggs, grilled asparagus, clean beans, mushrooms, tomatoes & toasted Ezekiel.
(DF, GF*, V) Pro 28.2g. Fat 19g. Carb 55.7. Cal 504.
*All items are gluten free except bread. GF toast is available.

£7Protein French Toast
(Whey & Egg infused Ezekiel) Topped with maple baked apple & cinnamon.
(V) Pro 37.7g. Fat 10.7g. Carb 49.2g. Cal 454.

£4Nut Butter Protein Yogurt Bowl
Nut butter whey protein & superfood granola.
(GF, V) Pro 35.8g. Fat 11.4g. Carb 18.2g. Cal 310.

£6Poached Eggs & Grilled Asparagus
Served on toasted Ezekiel. Add grilled bacon for £2.
(DF, V) Pro 11.6g. Fat 11.5g. Carb 34g. Cal 289.
GF toast is available.

£7Smoked salmon, Eggs & Avocado
Choose poached or scrambled.
(DF, GF) Pro 30.6g. Fat 25.7g. Carb 12.2g. Cal 392.

£5Superfood Sundae
Natural acai yogurt, stewed berries & superfood granola.
(GF, V) Pro 14.3g. Fat 7.3g. Carb 53g. Cal 320.

£10Grassfed Steak & Eggs
Served with chilli scrambled eggs & sweet potato hash.
(DF, GF) Pro 32.5g. Fat 18.7g. Carb 36.8g. Cal 457.

£6Smashed Avocado Toast
Ezekiel Toast with poached eggs. Add grilled bacon or smoked salmon for £2.
(DF, V) Pro 11.3g. Fat 22.4g. Carb 36.6g. Cal 443.
GF toast is available.

£7Bacon & chilli scrambled eggs with steamed greens
(DF, GF) Pro 23.8g. Fat 18.3g. Carb 5.9g. Cal 291.

£7Grassfed Lorne Square Sausage
Served with poached eggs.
(DF, GF) Pro 36g. Fat 14.7g. Carb 8.8g. Cal 296.

£6Herby Mushrooms
Served on toasted Ezekiel with poached eggs. Add grilled bacon for £2.
(DF, V) Pro 11.6g. Fat 11.5g. Carb 34g. Cal 289.
*GF toast is available.