Protein smoothies & shakes

£4Peanut butter & banana
Banana, peanut butter, almond milk, 24g vanilla whey protein

£4Chocolate & nut butter
Raw cacao, peanut butter, almond milk, 24g vanilla whey protein

£4Strawberry & vanilla
Fresh strawberries, almond milk, 24g vanilla whey protein

£4Coconut bounty
Coconut milk & water 24g vanilla whey protein

£4Protein espresso
2 shots of espresso, almond milk, 24g vanilla whey

£4Cacao vanilla mocha
Raw cacao, espresso, maple, almond milk, 25g vanilla whey

Green smoothies

£4Super green cleanse
Spinach, broccoli, kale, pineapple & coconut water.

£4Lean greens
Spinach, pear, walnuts, almond milk & maple.

£4Sweet greens
Apple, kale, banana, spinach & coconut water & avocado.

Superfood smoothies

£4Coconut bluberry & acai
Blueberries, strawberries, banana & acai

£4Mango & turmeric
Mango, turmeric, ginger, maple & cocnut milk

£4Nut butter sweet tooth
Raw cacao, almond milk, maple, banana, nut butter

£4Matcha & passionfruit
Passionfruit, matcha, banana, coconut milk & maple

£4Strawberry & chia seed
Strawberries, chia seeds, gf oats, almond milk.

£4The hangover
Pear, pineapple, banana & coconut water

Naked cakes shakes

A selection of our naked clean cakes now available as a shake! All GF, DF, VG except almond protein fudge – contains whey.

£3.95Almond protein fudge

£3.95Raw snickers

£3.95Salted caramel

£3.95Carrot cake

£3.95Chocolate orange

A 24g scoop of vanilla whey protein can be added to any of the above for 50p. Vegan whey available.

Hot drinks

£3Bullet proof
Espresso, coconut oil, organic butter.

£3.50Cacao Bullet proof




£2.50Flat white

£2.95Matcha latte

£2.95Turmeric latte (Coconut milk)

£2.95Maca latte

£2.95Cacao mocha

£3Hot chocolate (clean or cheat)

£3Protein hot chocolate

Organic teas

£1.50English breakfast

£1.50Earl grey

£1.50Jasmine green tea




£1.50Lemon & ginger

£1.50Blueberry & echinacea