Naked favourites

£9Crispy quinoa chicken fillets
with baked sweet potato chips and naked satay dip.
Pro 41.3g. Fat 3.1g. Carb 45.2g. Cal 417kl. GF DF #NEW

£8Goats cheese and asparagus frittata
Organic egg baked frittata and any Naked side of choice.
Pro 27.4g. Fat 22g. Carb 2.7g. Cal 375kl. GF V #NEW

£7Sweet potato cake
with rocket, spinach, feta, pomegranate and acai balsamic dressing.
Pro 13.8g. Fat 10.9g. Carb 44.4g. Cal 328kl. GF V #NEW

£8Smashed avocado *ezekiel toast
with smoked salmon and poached egg and any Naked side of choice.
Pro 23.7g. Fat 19.5g. Carb 30.6g. Cal 353kl.

£10Chargrilled chicken breast
with asparagus, kale and spinach, cooked in organic garlic butter and choice of any Naked side. Add an extra chicken breast for £4.
Pro 46g. Fat 12.2g. Carb 13.4g. Cal 345kl. GF

£10Baked salmon and smashed sweet potato
with tender stem broccoli, asparagus and mango, chilli and lime dressing. Add extra baked salmon for £4.
Pro 34g. Fat 23g. Carb 42g. Cal 509kl. GF DF

£13Chargrilled 8oz rump steak
Crispy chilli kale, chimchurri and choice of any Naked side.
Pro 54.5g. Fat 25g. Carb 13.4g. Cal 496kl. GF DF

£17Naked plank
2x chicken skewers, rump steak, 2x poached eggs, crispy kale, sweet potato hash, chimchurri dip and sriracha dip.
Pro 94.5g. Fat 31.9g. Carb 23.4g. Cal 742kl.

Sweet potato jacket

£7.50 eachSweet potato jacket GF DF V

Choose 1 topping:

  • Grass-fed beef chilli. Pro 27.4g. Fat 8g. Carb 44g. Cal 365kl.
  • Flaked salmon and feta. Pro 28.4g. Fat 17.4g. Carb 37g. Cal 427kl.
  • Naked Clean beans Pro 15.8g. Fat 2.6g. Carb 75g. Cal 396kl.

+ any Naked Deli salad of your choice

Healthy wraps

Choose from wholemeal or gluten free. Add sweet potato chips for only £2.50.

£8Chargrilled rump steak with chimchurri
Spinach, red onion, and fresh avocado.
Pro 25.3g. Fat 18.8g. Carb 19.9g. Cal 350kl. GF DF

£7Chargrilled chicken with Naked rub
Spinach, red onion, fresh avocado, and mango chilli and lime sauce.
Pro 24.7g. Fat 7.4g. Carb 22g. Cal 265kl. GF DF

£7Chargrilled halloumi with Naked rub
Spinach, red onion, fresh avocado, and Naked BBQ sauce.
Pro 25g. Fat 31g. Carb 22.7g. Cal 294kl. GF V

£7Pulled chipotle BBQ jackfruit
Spinach, red onion, fresh avocado.
Pro 5.3g. Fat 6.1g. Carb 56.3g. Cal 289kl. GF #NEW

In a hurry?

All of our delicious main menu options are available to take away.

Naked Deli salad

£8.50Choose a Naked Deli salad:

Zoodle and tomato
Zucchini noodles, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, basil pesto dressing.
Pro 2.1g. Fat 4.9g. Carb 11g. Cal 96kl. GF DF
Goats cheese and pomegranate
Goats cheese, pomegranate, quinoa, shredded kale, and red onion with acai, pomegranate and balsamic dressing.
Pro 5.1g. Fat 6.5g. Carb 10g. Cal 143kl. GF DF
Superfood salad
Sweet potato, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, goji berries and acai balsamic dressing.
Pro 9.2g. Fat 5.7g. Carb 15.9g. Cal 114kl. GF

Add a side:

Sweet potato hash
Paprika sweet potato, mixed peppers, and onion.
Pro 2.8g. Fat 0.2g. Carb 34g. Cal 148kl. GF
Chilli greens
Chilli and garlic kale, broccoli, and green beans.
Pro 4.8g. Fat 0.8g. Carb 13.4g. Cal 78kl. GF

Add your protein:

Naked beetballs
Pro 5.6g. Fat 0.6g. Carb 32g. Cal 152kl.
Chargrilled chicken with Naked rub
Pro 31g. Fat 1.7g. Cal 150kl.
Fresh baked salmon fillet
Pro 23.5g. Fat 26g. Carb 1.2g. Cal 322kl.
Chargilled halloumi with Naked rub
Pro 23.2g. Fat 26g. Carb 1.2g. Cal 322kl.

Healthy nutritious burgers

All burgers served with your choice of either ^rye and flax seed bun (Pro 6.9g. Fat 1.4g. Carb 29g. Cal 170kl.) or portobello mushroom (Pro 1.9g. Fat 0.3g. Carb 0.5g. Cal 16kl.). You can also choose from either steamed greens, deli salad, or baked sweet potato chips.

£9Grass-fed beef burger
Spinach, beef tomato, picked kombucha, red onion and Naked BBQ sauce.
Pro 30g. Fat 4.7g. Carb 0.8g. Cal 166kl. GF DF

£10Chargrilled chicken burger
Spinach, beef tomato, pickled kombucha, red onion, avocado and garlic yogurt.
Pro 38g. Fat 10.3g. Carb 9g. Cal 219kl. GF

£9Beet burger
Guacamole, spinach, beef tomato, picked kombucha, red onion, and Naked sriracha.
Pro 5.3g. Fat 7.4g. Carb 20g. Cal 160kl. GF #NEW

Add bacon, halloumi, poached egg, or beef chilli for £1.50 each.

Organic omelettes

£8 eachOrganic 4 egg omelletes made with almond milk

Choose any 3:

  • Plain Pro 22.1g. Fat 16.7g. Carb 1.3g. Cal 252kl.
  • Feta Pro 5.7g. Fat 8.5g. Carb 1.6g. Cal 106kl.
  • Spinach and kale Pro 1.4g. Fat 0.2g. Carb 1.8g. Cal 14kl.
  • Grilled bacon Pro 9g. Fat 4.5g. Cal 75kl.
  • Mushroom Pro 1.5g. Fat 0.2g. Carb 1.6g. Cal 11kl.
  • Chargrilled chicken Pro 11.5g. Fat 0.6g. Cal 55kl.
  • Fresh chilli Pro 0.4g. Fat 0.05g. Carb 2.2g. Cal 9kl.
  • Baked salmon Pro 9g. Fat 3.5g. Carb 2.8g. Cal 77kl.
  • Caramelised onion Pro 0.5g. Fat 0.1g. Carb 5.1g. Cal 21kl.
Naked skewers
Choose your skewers and add your sides 1 side 2 sides
Halloumi skewers with our signature Naked rub.
Pro 23.2g. Fat 26g. Carb 1.2g. Cal 322kl. GF V
£7 £9
Chargrilled chicken skewers with our signature Naked rub.
Pro 36.9g. Fat 2g. Cal 176kl. GF DF
£7 £9
Tofu skewers with our signature Naked rub.
Pro 12.3g. Fat 6.3g. Carb 2.5g. Cal 105kl. GF
£7 £9
Add another skewer for £2.50
Naked sides

£3Any Naked salad from the salad section

£3Chilli and garlic kale, broccoli, and green beans

£3Steamed greens – kale, spinach, and asparagus
Pro 4.3g. Fat 0.7g. Carb 15.6g. Cal 72kl.

£3Sweet potato hash with onions and peppers
Pro 2.8g. Fat 0.2g. Carb 34g. Cal 148kl.

£3Baked sweet potato chips
Pro 2.7g. Fat 0.2g. Carb 36.2g. Cal 155kl.

£22x organic poached eggs and spinach
Pro 11.1g. Fat 8.4g. Carb 0.6g. Cal 126kl.

Naked extras

Naked extras can be added to any main meal order.

£4.50Any 2 Naked skewers

50p eachHomemade Naked clean sauces
Fig ketchup, sriracha, chipotle BBQ, garlic yogurt, chimchurri, peanut satay

Nutrition key

Dished marked with are vegan friendly.

  • GF – gluten free
  • DF – dairy free
  • V – vegetarian
  • *Ezekiel toast. This can be changed to gluten-free toast on any item
  • ^Rye and flax seed bun contains gluten

All of our dishes may contain nuts and other allergens. Please ask a member of staff, they will be happy to help.