To look good naked, eat naked

We are very mindful of the food’s pathway between its origin and to your plate, by that we mean we only ever use whole and natural state foods.

You won’t find anything processed on our menu; everything we serve is freshly prepared in our deli. No hidden sugars, ‘E’ numbers, hormones or chemicals that you can’t pronounce, never mind eat.


Our extensive breakfast menu is served until 11.30am. Ranging from avocado poached eggs with chilli flakes, served on superfood toast, a selection of superfood smoothies bowls, such as spirilina, spinach & pineapple with home made superfood chia & goji granola & not forgetting our famous full naked organic breakfast. All of our breakfast menu is gluten free!

Main meals

All of our highly nutritious lunches are served from 11.30am. Everything is freshly made in our kitchen here at the Deli. So whether you’re looking for a protein packed plate or a highly nutritious super salad, we have lots of tasty options for you. Our menu is fully gluten free other than the rye buns which you can swap for a chargrilled portobello mushroom for your burgers.

Juices and smoothies

Here at The Naked Deli we specialise in cold-pressed juices and green superfood smoothies. All of our cold-pressed juices are produced on-site here at the deli every day, using the freshest ingredients to ensure you get the highest amount of nutrients possible. All our smoothies are made fresh to order and loaded with fresh spinach and all the latest superfoods.

Naked treats

Here at The Naked Deli we have an enviable reputation for our amazing clean treats which we make using ingredients from raw cacao through to avocados to create specialities such as raw snickers, raw carrot cake and our amazing ‘Naked’ protein balls using grass-fed whey and a mix of whole food. It’s hard to believe our treats are gluten, refined sugar and dairy free and even vegan!


Speciality bespoke raw vegan cakes

Each cake is handmade to order here at The Naked Deli. Perfect for Birthday parties and other special occasions. Take a look at all of your delicious options.